Highlands County Fair
February 7 - 15, 2014
  • Upcoming Events
6 May:Junior Livestock Meeting (6:30pm)
3 Jun:Junior Livestock Meeting (6:30pm)
1 Jul:Junior Livestock Meeting (6:30pm)
5 Aug:Junior Livestock Meeting (6:30pm)
2 Sep:Junior Livestock Meeting (6:30pm)
7 Oct:Junior Livestock Meeting (6:30pm)
4 Nov:Junior Livestock Meeting (6:30pm)
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  • >>>>>> NEW FORMS <<<<<<
    • The new 2014 Miss, Jr. Miss and Little Miss Entry Forms are available for download on the Beauty Pageants page.
  • >>>>>> MORE FORMS <<<<<<
    • The new 2014 Entry Forms for Arts & Crafts, Baking Contest, and Vendor Applications are now available for download!

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    • Fill out this application to become a vendor at the Highlands County Fair!


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Welcome to the Highlands County Fair
The Highlands County Fair brings together the best livestock displays, food vendors, carnival rides, contests and entertainment for one of the most enjoyed annual events in Highlands County. In addition to carnival rides, The Highlands County Fair features tons of exhibits and contests for cooking, photography, horticulture, fine arts, sewing and more! Some examples of the entertainment are the Chainsaw Carving Show, The Master Hypnotist Show and the Miss, Junior Miss and Little Miss Highlands County Pageants. Don't miss this annual event that features everything you love about county fairs.

2014 Highlands County Fair Schedule of Events
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